More Great Seattle Press About U:Don

Here are links to more local news and notes about Seattle’s best new udon noodle restaurant, U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station:

From Junglecity (in Japanese): “天ぷらや温泉卵などのトッピングやサイドメニューも充実しているほか、メニューによっては冷たいうどんも選べるので、好みに合わせて楽しんでみてください。” (roughly translated: “The extensive side menu includes tempura and hot spring eggs as toppings, and they also offer cold udon noodles, so you can mix-and-match for your enjoyment.”)

From Seattle Weekly: “U:Don … is expected to be a go-to for University of Washington students when the quarter begins in January.”

A nice note by food writer Jay Friedman of Gastrolust: “I’m excited about the opening of U:Don in the U:District (if you will), as the fresh, in-house noodles are quite good.”

A photographic journey from our friends and family event from our friend Ashwin Rao writing for

And finally, more from Seattle Met’s “Nosh Pit” blog: “The thick wheat noodles are made within view of the dining area, and Kurachi is quick to trumpet his natural ingredients and made-from-scratch soups and sauces. But let’s be honest, he had me at ‘$5′ and ‘noodles.'”

That’s what U:Don is all about: Healthy, tasty, and affordable. We’re Seattle’s udon noodle destination!

We love a great review, so if you spot one out in the internet wild, let us know on our contact form!

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